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The Platform


  • It is very important that we fully fund the public school system 
  • Our teachers deserve to have everything they need for once, instead of just having to make due with outdated books and technology
  • We have great teachers in Missouri and they deserve to have the full support of the state government. 
  • Teachers in Missouri are also vastly underpaid and this needs to be improved.


  • The past few years the state legislature has attacked our working Missouri families by trying to strip away their protections.
  • Right to work is an attempt to weaken Labor Unions and drive wages down across the state
  • The state house should be fighting to protect these families not trying to hurt them to benefit the people at the top

Public Safety

  • Missouri has been ravaged by the opioid crisis. This issue is starting to work its way more and more into our schools. We as a state need to work on a plan to help combat this
  • Police at all levels need to be given every resource possible to them so they can keep Missourians safe.
  • Resource officers are needed at all levels to keep our children safe in school.

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